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The longest glass bridge is opened in China

It’s already opened in Hunan Province, China, but many people are too scared to cross the longest glass bridge on the planet. This walkway is sure to make you shake, so you may be terrified to use it. This unique bridge replaced the wooden one, which was scary enough for many visitors of the Chinese geopark. The decision was made to replace it by the glass structure known as the longest bridge on the planet.
glass bridge of china

What about numbers? Its height is about 590 feet, and it’s almost 985 feet long. The floor of this bridge is produced using the double-layer glass, which is 1 inch thick. According to reports, this glass is many times stronger than the standard window one.

The previous wooden walkway linked 2 peaks that are widely recognized as Avatar mountains, and the construction of the glass one took eleven engineers working half a day on a regular basis. For many people, it was hard to cross this wooden bridge because they weren’t brave enough. Their task is complicated now because of the glass bottom that turned it into the hero bridge.
china glass bridge

This unique walkway in China isn’t for you if you are afraid of heights. However, it provides all visitors with incredible views of a canyon and other natural attractions. It’s worth mentioning that this canyon inspired famous Avatar movies, so decide whether you’re courageous enough to cross the glass bridge.

It’s interesting that main plan of its creators is to use this walkway to host different fashion shows. Besides, there is a special zone for bungee jumping. Architects designed it in a way that it disappears into the sky.

The longest and highest bridge made of glass on the planet is finally opened to the bravest visitors in China. Do you want to dare to cross it? This legendary walkway made of glass on the planet is finally opened to the bravest visitors in China. Do you want to dare to cross it? This legendary walkway costed almost $3.5 million, which is quite an expensive price. It’s paved with nearly 100 transparent glass panels, and its width is 6 meters. Another important fact that should be mentioned is that this bridge was created by Haim Dotan, and it set a new record for its construction and architecture.

Glass bridges are quite popular in China and other countries, and the main reason is that they offer excellent photographing opportunities. Is it safe to cross this glass walkway? There were many trials and studies to test how strong it is and reassure its safety. This bridge can handle about 8000 visitors every day with no safety concerns.

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